January 11, 2012


How gorgeous is Mila Kunis (the newest face of Dior) in this Temperley London Top? I just love the soft organic shapes of the petals and the graphic quality of the black edges. Something this soft and elegant paired with shiny hard metallic accents is so interesting. Wouldn't this be a fantastic vibe for a wedding? LOVE!!!!

Source: Mila Kunis in Temperley London Top / Photo via Couture Courier

Source: , Noritamy necklace image via PinterestKitchen by Dunlin Home via Apartment Therapy, Red smoke image via Pinterest

Source: Erica O'Brien wedding cake via Pinterest

January 2, 2012


It's hard to believe that another year has passed and we've already begun 2012. Let's remember that the power is in our hands to create, cultivate, and care for our dreams. So be thoughtful of what you pick up, bring into your life to nurture, and blow back out into the world. 

Wishing you a healthy, happy, and prosperous year filed with love and everything your heart desires. Make it shine!!!!!

Image via Pinterest